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Our signature Meads

                                             Traditional Mead                                                     

Sensual             Sweet      
Traditional mead, made from just wildflower honey.  This award winning recipe is a showcase of honey, that is aromatic, flavorful and deliciously sweet, but not overly so, has a long lasting finish.  Finish a meal with this wildflower mead, some say they can taste concord grapes, which would have been in bloom when the bees were gathering nectar, see what you can find.  Sensual is a great introduction to mead for the inquisitive who want to taste mead for the first time.  Sensual pairs well with Asian foods or with cheese and fruit.

"Au Naturel"     Sweet 

Each of our "Au Naturel" meads is made from a single varietal honey and is as unique as its floral source.   This traditional mead pairs well with many dishes including chicken, seafood, and Thai dishes.


Je t'aime            Semi-Sweet 

Somethings happen once in a blue moon, on August 31st 2012 Michael & Berniece married... Please join Michael & Berniece in the celebration of their wedding with a toast of JE T'AIME, made from Tupelo Blossom honey will dance and twinkle like a bride and groom on their wedding day.

Silver Medal winner at the 2013 Mazer Cup International


                                           Melomel (fruit mead)                                              


Embrace               Dry    
Rich with blackcurrant notes that last long into the finish, considered dry to semi-sweet.  It will pair well with cheese, dark chocolate, red meats, and a wide variety of dishes.  Deep tart finish that is clean and flavorful.  As we say there's nothing like an wonderful EMBRACE.



Wild                     Dry

Pleasurable indulgence unprocessed wildflower honey and wild mountain blue berries from Alton Bay NH.  Get the party started with this one.  Pairs well with fruits, cheese, appetizers or grilled steak tips, the char from the grill really hooks with the honey notes.



Iniquity                     Semi-sweet

A singful double play on the senses.  A semi-sweet and smooth apple that leads us into temptation with a finish of light, tangy cranberry.




Blossom             Semi-Sweet    

Our Cyser (mead made from apples and honey)  is made from Sunnycrest Apple cider of Londonderry NH, the  fresh pressed apples add a tart start with semi-sweet finish.  Such a light, refreshing taste it can accompany any dish that is rich in flavor or just enjoyed as a festive or aperitif wine, pairs well with cheese plates, poultry or just on its own. This recipe has won awards over the last 15 years, and most recently a Bronze at the 2013 Silver Medal winner at the 2013 Mazer Cup International competition.


Blissful     Sweet          

Made from honey, blackcurrants, blueberries, black raspberries, the blackcurrants dominate the flavor; some describe this mead as something similar to a big, bad chardonnay.  The flavor is bold enough to pair with any meal, or to be enjoyed own its own with dark chocolates or with a cheese plate.  This mead is semi-sweet, with a tart fruit note from the currants, while leaving plenty of room for the honey and the other fruits in the background. 


Fling                     Semi-sweet

Like a romantic tryst, this ménage a trios between the honey, rhubarb, and strawberries.  Tease your senses... enjoy this semi-sweet wine with a wide variety of dishes.  The rhubarb is distinctly tart, and pleasing.  The color is well... sexy.  Now made with Orange Blossom honey... adds just a hint of citrus, and a touch lighter in color.  Enjoy with a goat cheese salad.
Silver Medal winner at the 2014 Mazer Cup International

Paramour         Sweet          

Meaning - For sake of love, this mead is a masterful blend of honey, blackberries, blueberries, black cherries and currants. Full bodied. Good accompaniment to any spicy or rich flavored dish, curries or spiced meal. Named in honor of Michael’s mother who taught him his way around a kitchen and encouraged his creativity and passion.



Mischief           Semi-Sweet

As in the conduct or activity that playfully causes petty annoyance.  These Blackberries are deep in flavor and only enhanced by the heather honey notes, this wine will continue to age and mature over time.  




Sumptuous      Sweet         

Made from honey and mangos, sweet but not overly so, smooth, wonderful complexity between the flavors and the long lasting finish, with a light body.  Enjoy with spiced Mexian, Asian, and Indian dishes.




Red Dress           Semi-sweet  

This little number is sweet and sexy, just the right balance between the honey and the red currants.  Enjoy this with a variety of dishes, like Durban curried chicken (a South African favorite), Moroccan lamb, or Beef Stew.




Desire              Sweet

Enticing, complex blend of blueberries, black cherries and blackcurrants balanced with basic elements of mead; honey, water and yeast.  Our Flagship mead, Desire is a must with cheeses, Italian dishes, rich saucy meat dishes, or with Belgian chocolates.  This mead won first place out of 353 entries at the New England Regional Homebrew Competition.



Flame              Dry

Flame: a condition or appearance suggesting a flame or burning: as burning zeal or passion.  Sweet from the honey and tart from the rhubarb and blackcurrants.




Deviant                    Sweet

Devious, playful rebellion from the usual.  Uniquely refreshing, smooth blend of honey, apple and ginger. Slightly sweet apple and spicy ginger please from aroma to lingering finish. A little rebellion is good.... made from apple cider from Sunnycrest Farms in Londonderry, NH.




Stiletto               Sweet

Provocative statement of slick and sexy, blend of bold black currant with lighter tones of honey and apple sweetness.  Pairs with rich, spicy Mediteranean cuisine, turkey, stews, steaks, curry and Italian meat sauce.  Compliments cheddar, blue cheese, or camembert.




Kisses               Sweet

As delicate as a kiss, this honey strawberry wine is sweet.  The strawberry is ever so lightly represented against the floral flavors from the honey.  Chill this mead down for an enjoyable crisp mead that will pair well with a salad or an after dinner treat.



Last Apple               Sweet  

We took the very last New Hampshire apples that were available to us, which we had fresh pressed into apple cider. This fresh cider was delivered the day it was pressed to our Meadery, where we blended it with True Source Honey and let it ferment, then we let it age in freshly emptied Jim Beam barrels that our friends at Allagash Brewing Company were able to help us with. The aging process took over 6 months. The ending result is oh so heavenly and oh so cherished. It's not the like any of the other honey apple meads that we make, its got an entirely new label design, that we feel show cases every little detail about how precious this sweet honey apple mead is.


                                          Metheglin (spiced mead)                                         

Serenity            Sweet

Serenity; the quality or state of being serene.  The Rooibos Apricot teay layers on top of the honey notes to make this remarkable beverage.  Michael's mother named this one.  Available at a very limited number of accounts.



Bouquet           Sweet

Just a souch of Saffron spices romance with the light citrus honey notes to court your senses.




Wicked               Sweet 

Wicked as in awesome, the ginger and Madagascar-Bourbon vanilla each add a nuance to the honey flavor and aroma.  Spice from the ginger balances well with the smoothness of the vanilla.  It lures you in for more, wicked things may be in store.

Gold Medal winner at the 2014 Mazer Cup International


Madagascar                  Sweet  

This mead is made from Madagascar-Bourbon vanilla beans, honey, water and yeast.  The vanilla flavors blend with the honey to create this delicious delight with a strong yet balance flavor.  The aroma is vanilla and wildflower honey.  A friend once said, “Oh, I LOVE it!”  Good partner to aperitif, pastries or desserts.



Indulge              Sweet

Made from Madagascar vanilla beans, Vietnamese cinnamon, orange blossom honey water and yeast, aged in Samuel Adams Utopias® casks from the award-winning Boston Beer Company.  Sometimes we all need to give in to our desires and indulge.  Sweet but not overly so, well balanced with the spices.


Flutter                Semi-Sweet 

Honey and ginger make this complex, stirring and layered semi-sweet mead that will excite.  This mead pairs fantastically with shrimp, sushi, or any number of Asian dishes.



Breathless      Sweet    

Intense, gripping cinnamon candy sweet dessert wine.  This decadent spicy candy like mead is very similar to a popular cinnamon candy.  Breathtaking with vanilla ice cream as a dessert.



Scorn                  Semi-Sweet          

This is one of our limited release meads only available in limited quantities.  This mead is hot and spicy made with the addition of red chili peppers.  No dancing around with this one, it gets to the point.  The semi-sweet honey provides a wonderful dance floor for the chili peppers to add some heat, its complex, not one dimensional.  Enjoy with authentic Mexican dishes, or with some PEI mussels.


Fury                Semi-Sweet          

Any of the avenging deities in Greek mythology who torment criminals and inflict plagues, that just about sums up the amount of heat that the three different types of peppers used in making this mead.



                                             Open Category                                                      

Kurt’s Apple Pie          Sweet

One of our biggest selling meads made from local apple cider with Madagascar-bourbon vanilla and Vietnamese cinnamon spice added.  Get your piece of the pie!  This mead is a great after dinner dessert wine that is a perfect finish to any holiday meal.



Dreamy                Sweet

Roasted cocoa nibs, and a hint of vanilla... add such a smooth light and dreamy chocolate note to this honey wine.  A dessert wine that is a perfect after dinner treat.




Coffee in Bed           Sweet  

This unique dessert mead is a simple reminder to stop and savor moments. The sweet honey notes are balanced by silky smooth Sumatra coffee.   This is luscious dessert style mead that pairs wonderfully with German chocolate cake, or tiramisu.   This mead came in 5th out of 353 entries at the 4th New England Regional Homebrew Competition, and took a 3rd place at the International Mazer Competition in the Open Mead Category. 


Mojo               Sweet      

The Latin rhythms of Cuba inspired this honey wine, subtly flavored with lime and mint, which mingle in the honey's floral aroma.  Enjoy this sweet mead chilled after dinner and get your mojo on.  You just may be inspired to take some salsa dancing lessons.  This mead is based off Mike Manning's recipe that earned Best of Show at the Vahalla mead competition.



Kamasumatra                 Sweet      

Fermented with natural Madagascar-Bourbon Vanilla and Sumatra coffee.  Dessert sweet honey notes, balanced by the bitterness from the coffee and oh so smooth vanilla in the background.  We "position" this as the perfect partner with vanilla ice cream.



Seduction                 Sweet      

Fermented with natural Chocolate Madagascar-Bourbon Vanilla and Sumatra coffee.  Dessert sweet honey notes, balanced by the bitterness from the coffee and oh so smooth vanilla in the background.  We "position" this as the perfect partner with vanilla ice cream.



                                                  Barrel Aged                                                           

Temerity               Dry                    

The meaning of Temerity is excessive confidence or boldness; audacity.  This other than standard wine is aged and fermented in our Utopian barrels, for at least six months.  This is one of the most profound wines made from honey you will ever try.  Dry and assertive blackcurrants balanced by the oak.



Frisky                     Semi-Sweet

Are you inclined to frisk?  Enjoy a little "Joie de vivre" with this rollicking honey blueberry maple wine.  Light, playful and every so tasty.  Think Wild with a frisky touch of maple syrup.  Our newest release, available at the meadery, is aged in our Utopian barrels, and we added a touch more maple.  



Utopian                 Semi-sweet                    

Truly a unique mead that offers a flavor not just unlike any other mead but unlike any other beverage in the world. Our single barrel releases are limited and identified with bottling date and number of cases available. We aged and fermented this mead in hand-selected, Samuel Adams Utopias® casks from the award-winning Boston Beer Company.  This flavorful, slightly fruity mead has a sweet, complex flavor that is reminiscent of a deep, rich vintage port, fine cognac or aged sherry.  Back to back International Mazer Cup winner bronze 2012, and silver 2013.  Every batch is uniquely different.

Virtue                   Sweet                   

Conditioned in our Utopian barrels for up to 6 months.  Hints of vanilla and coconut from the oak, blend with the apple and honey.  A deep rich apple with the hints of bourbon and a smooth honey finish.  Clearly something of special worth.



                                     Limited editions, rare but worth it!                             

Intensity      Semi-sweet     (Sold out)* 

This is one of our limited release meads only available in limited quantities.  The fire of Intensity burns with such heat, leaving a yearning for more.  Cured with the fire of habanero peppers, this capsciumel is quenched with a semi-sweet promise leading to a dry temperate spice. Do you dare take another sip? The scorched embers burn, as you raise the glass to your lips. Not shy, not timid, just …..INTENSITY!   Michael recommends with General Tao’s chicken.

*Check with our retail customers, they likely have some still in stock, possibly hidden, tell them Michael sent you.