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Winery starts production Londonderry, NH

Londonderry, NH • May 7th — On Thursday, May 6th, Moonlight Meadery LLC was given the go-ahead to start production, having recently passed federal and local approval and state inspection of the property.


With 15 years experience at making national award winning mead, Michael Fairbrother has started Moonlight Meadery LLC, with a mission to bring ultra premium meads to the market place in very small limited releases.    Moonlight Meadery will only be producing 400 gallons at its current facility in Londonderry NH.


Mead is considered the oldest fermented beverage, dating back thousands of years, which predates wine made with grapes as well as beer.  The earliest archaeological evidence for the production of mead dates back to around 7000 BC.  


“It’s a unique beverage unlike any other.” describes Michael Fairbrother, “while legally it’s classified as wine, its flavors are far more complex, and it provides a greater depth in range from dry to sweet desert style.”


Moonlight is planning its first release, a melomel, which is a mead made with the addition of fruit.  Desire will be a sweet melomel made with honey, water, yeast, Black currant, Black Raspberry, and Blueberry juice; it’s expected to take about 3 months until its ready to be released.


Moonlight Meadery isn’t open for visitation or tastings yet, and is currently seeking specialty stores, and restaurants.  Bert’s Better Beers in Hookset NH will be the first store to carry Desire when it’s released.


Michael Fairbrother has earned Mead Maker of the Year in the New England Regional Homebrew Competition for the last three years, as well as winning the Best of Show out of 383 entries with Desire melomel, this past year.  This past year he’s won medals at several competitions including Mead Free or Die, Mazer Cup International, Boston Homebrew Contest, and the National Homebrewers Contest.   Michael is currently president of the New Hampshire’s largest homebrewing club, Brew Free or Die and a certified judge with the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP).  Additionally Michael was featured in Discover New Hampshire, Episode 2, “What’s Brewing?”