Hard Cider

How 'Bout Them Apples™ - 13% ABV - Year Round

Often considered a New England Hard Cider, this New England Style Apple Mead is made with the finest New Hampshire apples that were available to us, which we had fresh pressed into apple cider. This fresh cider was delivered the day after it was pressed to our facility, where we blended it with honey, and some natural sugar and let it ferment, then we let it age in previously used rye whiskey barrels.


Them Little Apples™ - 6.5% ABV - Year Round

This hard cider is made from the finest New Hampshire apples that are available to us, usually a blend of Cortland, McIntosh, Gala, and Red Delicious varieties. We blend the fresh-pressed cider with just a touch of  honey and natural sugar before we let it ferment and age in newly emptied rye whiskey barrels.


Boys N Berries™ - 6.5% ABV - Seasonal

A semi-sweet hard cider made with boysenberries and local apple cider. The boysenberries provide a light sour flavor and raspberry like tartness.


Crimes of Passion™ - 4.5% ABV - Seasonal

A semi-dry hard cider made with black currants and local apple cider. This crisp cider has a delicious off-dry flavor, rounded out by tartness and acidity that keeps the palate asking for more.


Them Sour Apples™ - 6% ABV - Seasonal

A dry, french oak barrel aged, lambic-style cider. Soured with Lactobacillus and Brettanomyces, the aroma of this cider is a complex blend from a wide variety of wild yeast and other microbiota. The taste is sour, but not overly so. A crisp sour flavor greets the pallet and then fades to a slightly acidic apple finish, reminiscent of biting into an orchard-fresh apple. We aged this for over a year in French Oak barrels that were inoculated with wild yeasts and other microbiota that were obtained from the orchard down the road from the meadery… this is as wild as it gets. 



Stock Up™ - 10.5% ABV - Year Round

This draft-only, carbonated mead is made from raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries. The flavor is off-dry with a crisp tartness that cleanses the palate, the body is light with a champagne like head, and the alcohol is dangerously hidden.


Blood Moon - 10.5% ABV - Seasonal

Our summer seasonal draft mead made from blood oranges. We left this carbonated mead unfiltered as a tribute to the New England Style IPA. With a deep amber color and bitter-tart blood orange flavor, this might be as close a mead can come to imitating an IPA.


Wet N Wild™ - 14% ABV - Limited Release

We took fresh low-bush mountain blueberries from NH and combined them with raw wildflower honey and water, and then aged it two years in french oak barrels. The result is a full bodied, port-like mead that is sweet with tannic notes.


Truth Bee Told™ - 14% ABV - Limited Release

Exclusive is an understatement. This traditional wildflower honey mead is aged in 20 year old Scotch barrels. Batch #1 was in the barrel for 3 months. Batch #2 was in the barrel for 6 months. And we still have a couple barrels left. With only 10 kegs per barrel, be sure to get yours if you can find it. 

Hop Cat will be featuring Truth Bee Told for their Wood and Wild event in October 2016.