Romance by the glass ®… 

Tasting and tour options (prices are per person unless otherwise noted), we schedule tours to start every 30 minutes (11:00AM, 11:30 AM, etc...), please note the last tours kick off 1 hour before we close.  You can expect a tour and tasting to last 1 hour.


The "Worker bee" Sample flight w/ glassware... $8

  • Taste up to 4 meads with keepsake glass


The "Queen Bee" Sample flight w/ glassware... $13

  • Taste up to 7 meads with keepsake glass


Taste of Utopian™... $10

  • Taste our PREMIERE award winning barrel aged Utopian™ mead


Deluxe Tour... $10

  • History of Moonlight Meadery
  • Information & History of Bees, Honey and Mead
  • A behind the scenes look into the process on how we make our meads and ciders


Tour & Tasting… $20

  • Deluxe Tour
  • Queen Bee Sampling


*Please note: we are located in an industrial building,until someday when we grow into our future home.


It's the experience... here the details about our tours and tastings, it's our goal to provide both an educational, and entertaining tour.


On the hour, and half hour we start a new tour, no reservations required, or accepted. The tour takes ~30 minutes from start to end, please leave your self about an hour for the tour and tasting. We are very proud of our history, and a portion of the tour will focus on our humble beginnings to our international growth. We will review the history of making mead. We will talk about the importance of the honey we use, where it's sourced and how much honey we use in a given year. We discuss how we make the mead, giving specifics about the different styles of mead, including pyments, melomels, cysers and metheglins. We go into specifics of fermentation, what temperature we ferment at, the importance of not heating the honey, which can change the flavor and aroma etc. Making mead is easy, but making incredibly great mead time and time again is very difficult, we try to keep the tours light-hearted for the enjoyment of all those on the tours, but if you have specific questions PLEASE ask. The tour finishes with a review of how we bottle the meads.


We offer a dizzying array of different meads to choose from, but fear not, here's how it works. Our staff will start you off by reviewing our meads 4 at a time, allowing you to pick one from that grouping. They will tend to be drier to start with, working towards semi-sweet, then on into dessert like. We encourage you to take notes.



PRIVATE & BRIDAL PARTY PACKAGE: $35 pp - Bride & Groom Free

Moonlight Meadery® is excited to offer exclusive, private tours & tastings which include a more indepth tour & tasting conducted by one of our principles. While regular tours are open to the public, we do not take reservations so tours could be quite crowded depending on how many members of the public are present. Private tours focus just on your party exclusively. Tastings are conducted separately so that we can concentrate just on your party and give you focused, exclusive attention. The tour is our deluxe tour which is slightly longer 45 mins - 1 hour of fun, educational facts on the history of the company, mead and cider, a walk through the processes and includes education on bees and the plight of the honey bee. These tours must be reserved ahead of time as available. Please contact Berniece on 603.216.2162 ext 403 to reserve your date and time. Bridal parties have additional options which include: Bride & Groom free with min party of 6. Case discount for wedding purchases, kegs available. Gift options for beauty products, horns, jellies, honey etc. Call Berniece and options will be sent to you if you wish to have gifts available for your party.



Moonlight Meadery® is excited to announce a new offering for our customers. We have partnered with a Certified Executive Wine Sommelier allowing us to offer in-home tastings where participants can learn about and experience mead like never before. Our Sommelier can come to your home, providing all the necessary items to make your event special. Lead-free crystal glassware including INAO certified tasting glasses, high quality linens, stainless steel service accessories, tasting notes, and more. Contact us now to plan your event at


PRIVATE TRANSPORTATION: Silver Chariot: On Spot. On Time.

We have partnered with Silver Chariot private transportation to make your next outing extra special by taking you out in style. Sedan or SUV's seat up to 7. No worries about parking or traffic or having a good time out. Eat, drink and be merry. Includes transportation to and from Moonlight Meadery, tasting up to 7 meads, keepsake glass, cheese & crackers, mead jelly and honey sampling. (1 hour event at Meadery, tour half hour, tasting half hour).

  • Up to 4 people in Ford Explorer
    - $99 plus gratuity for vehicle and chauffeur plus $13 pp meadery charge
  • Up to 6 people in Ford Expedition
    - $129 plus gratuity for vehicle and chauffeur plus $13 pp meadery charge
  • Up to 10 people in Ford Transit van with reclinable seats - $159 plus gratuity for vehicle and chauffeur plus $13pp meadery charge.

Make it a day:

Additional time if you wish to add on adventures/go to a restaurant etc.

  • $59.00 per hour Explorer
  • $69.00 per hour Expedition
  • $79 per hour Transit

Above not including gratuity

All prices are for pickups at 1 location within 20 mile radius of Londonderry, NH.



GROUP TOURS: $8 pp Tour operator free

Moonlight Meadery® offers group tour discounts with parties minimum of 6.

Tour & Tasting of up to 7 meads; cheese & cracker platter; honey and mead jelly samples. Case discount. Please call ahead to reserve. Berniece 603.216.2162 Ext 403




Moonlight Meadery® is delighted to offer private parties but this option is only as available. This option is conducted by principles and includes deluxe tour & tasting of 7 meads plus Utopian tasting and complimentary cider tasting. Food may be brought in or you can cater in. Call Berniece to discuss options and reserve 603.216.2162 Ext 403. No other alcoholic beverages may be served. We welcome bridal/birthday etc events but please note currently our facility is not set up as an event space. Our tasting room accommodates up to 35 at a time and the rest of the meadery is a 6000 sq ft production facility. This is until we move into our new location. We have hosted small weddings and events of up to 70 people.