Romance by the glass®
23 Londonderry Rd, Londonderry, NH 03053

A world class, craft winery from Londonderry New Hampshire

specializing in meads: wines made from honey. The diversity of the offerings often leaves people speechless, while the flavors have them asking for it at their local stores. Stop by to find out why "History never tasted so good"™. Try the oldest fermented beverage, "Romance By the Glass"®. Distributed nationwide both here in the United States, and Australia.

It all started back in 1995, when Michael, our founder and head mead maker, tried a cyser (apple and honey mead) for the first time.  Since that first sip Michael has developed a passion, and a masterful skill at making international award winning meads. Michael Fairbrother has started Moonlight Meadery®, with a mission to bring ultra premium meads to the market place.  It is more than a product and it is more than a process, it's our obsession.

Our meads will be unique, and unlike anything you have ever tried, you will find it incredible!   We are going to embrace the unique nature of natural honey as minimally processed as possible.

Since starting production in May of 2010, we have grown beyond our wildest dreams. We hope you will stop by to hear our story and try our meads, and tell your friends.


Monday - Wednesday 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Thursday & Friday 8:30 AM - 7:00 PM

Saturday 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Sunday 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Romance by the glass ®…  tasting and tour options:

Small glassware... $8

  • Taste up to 4 meads with keepsake glass

Large glassware... $10

  • Taste up to 6 meads with keepsake glass
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Tour & Tasting… $20 per person

  • Deluxe Tour
  • Large keepsake glass, with taste up to 6 meads.

Romance Package… $50 per couple

  • Deluxe Tour
  • 2 large keepsake glasses, Tasting of Utopian and 6 meads per person.
  • $10 off purchase of 2 or more bottles.

Cheese and Cracker platter available to share.  Please note that the "Romance" is just a play off of our tag line.  We are located in an industrial building, until someday when we grow into our future home.

It's the experience... here the details about our tours and tastings, it's our goal to provide both an educational, and entertaining tour.

On the hour, and half hour we start a new tour, no reservations required, or accepted. The tour takes ~30 minutes from start to end, please leave your self about an hour for the tour and tasting. We are very proud of our history, and a portion of the tour will focus on our humble beginnings to our international growth. We will review the history of making mead. We will talk about the importance of the honey we use, where it's sourced and how much honey we use in a given year. We talk about how we make the mead, giving specifics about the different styles of mead, including pyments, melomels, cysers, metheglins. We go into specifics of fermentation, what temperature we ferment at, etc. The importance of not heating the honey, which can change the flavor and aroma. Making mead is easy, but making incredibly great mead time and time again is very difficult, we try to keep the tours light hearted for the enjoyment of all those on the tours, but if you have specific questions PLEASE ask. The tour finishes with a review of how we bottle the meads.

We offer a dizzying array of different meads to choose from, but fear not, here's how it works. Our staff will start you off by reviewing our meads 4 at a time, allowing you to pick one from that grouping. They will tend to be drier to start with, working towards semi-sweet, then on into dessert like. We encourage you to take notes.

Please store our mead at a cool temperature.


23 Londonderry Rd, Unit #17
Londonderry, NH, 03053
(603) 216-2162


Directions (View Map)

From I-93 North bound

  • Take exit 4 for NH-102 toward Derry/Londonderry
  • Turn right on NH-102 East/Nashua Rd
  • Turn left at Sunoco gas station onto Londonderry Rd
  • We are located on the left hand side of the road, in the next building over from Phantom Fireworks

From I-93 South bound

  • Take exit 4 for NH-102 toward Derry/Londonderry
  • Turn left on NH-102 East/Nashua Rd
  • Turn left at Londonderry Rd
  • We are located on the left hand side of the road, in the next building over from Phantom Fireworks

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Common Questions

Q: What is mead?

A: Mead is a wine made from honey, water and yeast. The sweetness ranges from dry to sweet, it can be still, petillant (ever so lightly carbonated), or sparkling.  It's the oldest fermented beverage, but the least known.  Everyone knows beer, wine, but mention mead and watch the blank looks.  However once they try one of our special meads, they usually start to smile and ask "Why haven't I ever tried this before?"


Q: What's a Melomel?

A:  A melomel is a mead made with the addition of fruit.  A cyser is a melomel made with apples, and a pyment is a melomel where grapes are used.


Q: What's a Metheglin?

A: A metheglin is a mead made with the addition of spices.