The Process

Moonlight Meadery’s founder, Michael Fairbrother, has been perfecting his meadmaking skills since 1995. 

Our world class meads and ciders are crafted with passion and love. Explore the ingredients below to learn more about our process.

The Honey

All of our honey is True Source Certified. This is an incredibly important certification that protects the market from fake honey being imported from China. Fake honey is comprised of high fructose corn syrup and other chemical concoctions to give the appearance of honey (yuck!).

The True Source Certification guarantees that our honey comes from real bee keepers that ethically source their honey. Every shipment of honey we receive is fully traceable back to the hives of origin.

This certification is crucial to maintain industry standards and prevent colony collapse disorder. 

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The Fruit

Our fruit ingredients are sourced locally and sustainably. If there are no local options available (mangoes don’t grow in NH… yet) then we find the highest quality available to us.

We use whole fruits when possible, if none are available then we use fruit purées or juices. 

The Spices

Since none of the spices we use are native to New England, we find sustainably harvested spices of the best quality to use in our meads.

We always make sure that our spices are not poached from the wild (yes, spice poachers exist), and we buy Fair Trade products when available. 

Some examples include:

Locally roasted Sumatran Coffee

Sustainably harvested Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans

The Yeast

Our founder Michael Fairbrother has used the same yeast strain for over 21 years of meadmaking, Lalvin 71B.

This white wine yeast strain produces incredibly smooth alcohols and can ferment up to roughly 17% ABV.

The yeast makes all the magic happen, it is our job to ensure they have the ideal environment to do their work.